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             For our foreigner guests:


On´s  Thai Massage was established to offer an ancient healing and relaxation method in germany  (around Nünberg / Fürth ) . Currently we are working with up to three masseures, all of them fully qualified traditional thai massage therapists, well trained and experienced. Three types of massages are readily available: Foot, Traditional Thai and Oil .


Thai massage can be applied on:

Healthy people: refreshing, conditioning massage, supplementing lack of motion, mitigating fatigue feeling.

Sportsmen: preparing for sporting activities, mitigating fatigue feeling and recovering from injuries.


Sick people: healing treatment or series of treatments (usually according to the doctor’s instructions).


Most frequent changes our guests experience after the treatment:

  • more balanced spiritual condition

  • greater endurance

  • freshness, feeling fit

  • decrease in mental burden caused by stress

  • more efficient work performance

  • improved posture

  • improved conflict management

  • balanced muscles, decrease in fat layers

  • improved immune system

  • quicker recovery from diseases

  • deeper self-knowledge

  • health prevention

  • increase in energy levels

  • gradually improved body harmony